OxGord Folding Shopping Cart with Double Basket- Jumbo Size 150 lb Capacity

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  • JUMBO SIZE FOLDING SHOPPING CART WITH DOUBLE BASKET: This lightweight and sturdy folding utility cart is ideal for anyone on the go. Perfect for urban and city living, day to day grocery runs, laundry pickup, or everyday hauling. Constructed of a high quality rust-free metal, our shopping cart folds flat for easy storage in the trunk or under seats. Ideal for the subway or quick trips to the corner grocer, local deli, bakery, or convenience store.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION HOLDS UP TO 150 POUNDS: Our Utility Carts sturdy metal construction allows it to hold up to 150 pounds of cargo while maintaining an easy to push stability. This means that you can fill your jumbo cart with plenty of groceries, shopping, or even athletic gear for the little ones without any wear or damage to your cart. The metal frame is built to hold up to these large loads for years of use without bending or bowing.
  • DOUBLE BASKET DESIGN HELPS YOU KEEP PERSONAL ITEMS CLOSE: The double basket design in our folding shopping cart allows you to keep your purse, jacket, umbrella, Diaper bag or other personal items right in front of you for easy access and secure storage. Use the rear facing second basket for smaller items while utilizing the larger primary basket for larger cargo, shopping, or groceries.
  • HIGH QUALITY RUBBER WHEELS AND HANDLE FOR EASY NAVIGATION: The rubber tread on our shopping cart wheels makes it perfect to navigate on sidewalks, streets, through store aisles, or even on grass. Independently pivoting front wheels allow total control and easy navigation around corners or through tight spaces. Easy grip rubber handle gives you additional control and convenience even when using with one hand.
  • DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME WITH RUST-FREE FINISH: The durability and rust free construction of our utility cart ensures that even after years of use your shopping cart will be rust free and secure. Cart size is 41.75"H x 24"W x 21"D when fully expanded. Easily folded for under seat storage.